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Pharmacy Care

Wescana Pharmacies offer fast and accurate/efficient service with state of the art equipment focusing on a multidisciplinary approach to practice to ensure optimal patient care.

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Flu Immunization

Wescana has vaccination needs covered year round, even after flu season. We provide a wide range of vaccines for patients ages 5 and up, such as those for chickenpox, tetanus, diphtheria, measles, and HPV.

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Specialized Diabetes Care

Specialized Diabetes Care are offered in all of our pharmacies. We are passionate about educating our customers on how Diabetes is manageable through medication and lifestyle.

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Travel Vaccines

All of our eight locations offer Travel Vaccines to our patients/client. This means we can provide the advice you need to travel safely based on your destination, time of year and medical history.

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Medication Review

Medication review can help you manage multiple or chronic conditions and reduce the risk of interactions with over the counter and natural health products. Detailed analysis helps us recommend changes on an ongoing basis for the best possible outcome.

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Home Health Care

Sometimes patients need specialized equipment. For those times, Wescana stocks a wide selection of equipment that is available for both sale and rent.

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Free Deliveries

We care! Wescana offers Free Deliveries to anywhere in the Lower Mainland!

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Stop Smoking

We can help with registration for government funded smoking cessation programs that provide nicotine gum, patches or prescription medications to make quitting easier.

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