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About Us

About Wescana Pharmacy

We are a group of established and well known family operated pharmacies located throughout the Lower Mainland over the past 40+ years.

Our Values

  • – Trust
  • – Knowledge
  • – Experience

Wescana Pharmacy was named in tribute to Western Canada, the adoptive nation of three brothers who founded it in 1981 after immigrating from Africa and becoming pharmacists. Shafik, Zahir and Sherali Rajani created a family business, now well-established with deep roots in the community. After 40+ years, Wescana’s name is synonymous with client commitment, quality care and good health. Through this perseverance, dedication and commitment, patients have come to rely on our comprehensive pharmacy services. Wescana’s first location was in Vancouver. Over time, Wescana expanded to Surrey to better meet the needs of an underserved area where many patients were not fluent in English.

Now with 3 locations in the Lower Mainland, services are available in Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Gujarati, Farsi, Mandarin, Spanish, German, Swahili and Cantonese. Multilingual staff engage with recent immigrant populations and help connect even more patients to quality care.

Wescana recognized the immigrant population from South Asia faces many major health issues and in many cases didn’t have access to medical care before immigration. Other challenges include: lifestyle, diet, language and education barriers, social isolation (particularly the elderly and female), and high health needs (high rates of diabetes and chronic diseases). Wescana is committed to giving back to their community by addressing those unique needs.

From its early days, Wescana has provided outreach services in addition to its storefront operations. This outreach includes services such as free delivery, which helps housebound and disabled patients. It is one example of the kind of commitment that contributes to Wescana’s success and reputation in the community. 

Wescana Pharmacy is made up of health care professionals who want to make a difference in people’s lives. They take an interdisciplinary approach, working with other members of the medical community for the best possible outcome for the patient. They operate service oriented, independent dispensaries. Staff make the time to communicate with their clients and participate in continuing education to stay current with the latest innovations.

In addition to providing quality health care in the community, Wescana Pharmacy gives back through charitable involvement. They donate time, money and resources to Surrey Memorial Hospital Foundation and the World Partnership Walk. Wescana Pharmacy is a company as committed to health care as it is to community, and that’s what sets it apart as a leader in the industry.

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